Welcome to Pray for Ray!

Please take a look at our About Ray link for information on Ray’s injury.  If you wish to follow more details into Ray’s condition and healing process, join our Facebook Group “Pray for Ray” (the one with the tree icon).  Updates will be posted here as well as the group.

Ray’s mom has been in Tennessee with him since the night of the accident.  She has been staying in a hotel, which will be a large bill when we finally bring her back home.  Currently we are seeking skilled nursing, or brain injury rehab facilities for Ray.  His Medicaid has most likely been exhausted during his 47 day hospital stay (the count as of today).  We desperately want him to be back in Florida with us, which may mean paying for a skilled nursing facility on our own, or bringing him home to his mother’s for care until we can get him into a brain injury rehab.  Either way, we have no means to pay for these medical expenses.  This is why we have created this blog, with the donate button in the sidebar.  We appreciate anything you can give.  We accept money, positive energy, thoughts, and/or prayers for Ray and his family.
Thank you for visiting.  We hope you will join Team Ray.  🙂

We also have “Pray for Ray” bracelets, see image to the right.  If you would like some with your donation, please state so in the special instructions section of your donation transaction.  We have been requesting a $5 donation per bracelet.  Be sure to give your address too so I know where to send them.  🙂  Note:  If you do not want me to list your name as a donor on the blog, please alert me in the special instructions section. THANK YOU!

Update: You can now get your Pray for Ray bracelets at Galactic Frozen Yogurt in St. Augustine!!



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