Ray Update

Happy Sunday Team Ray!

We are overwhelmed (in a great way) by the number of people viewing our blog and assisting with donations, resources, contacts, and support.  If you have not shared the blog, please help us spread the word by telling everyone about it.  Also, if you could “like” our YouTube video, that would be awesome.

As you have read in our previous posts, Ray is caught between needing acute hospital care and rehabilitation.  We have received a contact at the VA in Tampa and are pursuing that.  They have a brain injury unit there.

Our situation has been frustrating, but we are remaining positive with the hope that Ray can be accepted to the VA in Tampa very soon.  Gary Prowe ( 2010) writes, “In an ideal world, rehabilitation begins as soon as the survivor is medically stable.  No patient should be kept in an acute hospital setting or a nursing home any longer than necessary.  Combining the brain’s natural healing process with rehabilitative therapy is crucial to the success of one’s recovery” (pg. 195).  Of course, this isn’t the way things work.  Patients need to be at a level III or IV on the Rancho Scale before they can begin rehab.  Ray is being documented as a level II, but with more therapy he could be a III.  Of course, we see him as a level III.  The VA in Tampa, and Brooks in Jacksonville are the only places we have found that will accept charity patients.  Both are excellent facilities for Ray’s injury though.

Ray continues to give us hope each day.  Today his mom was able to take him on a stroll.

Thank you again for everything.  🙂

Team Ray!!


4 thoughts on “Ray Update

  1. Ray,

    I write this in hopes that when someone who can help more than I can reads it they will take action on your behalf. In trying to be the catalyst for others to see how much you mean to us. I love you brother.

  2. Team Ray,
    We are attempting to be proactive and get things ready over here in hopes that something happens this week or next. (no promises, sorry! lol)

    We are looking into low cost transport services for when Ray goes to his next location (whether facility or home). We have contacted Angel Flight and that costs about $13,000 for air transport. And, that is a discount rate! Yikes.

    We are also looking for a bed for Ray, for when he does go to his mother’s house (could be soon, could be after rehab…things are one day at a time right now).

    If he goes to a VA facility, we are under the impression they pay for transport. But just in case, we want quotes ready.
    Just to clarify…We are not at the point to purchase anything, but we are seeking quotes.

    Suggestions welcome…
    Thank you!!

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