Out of Options

Congratulations Team Ray, we now have news coverage on our story!  Check out the Gainesville Sun article by Jon Silman.

Here is Ray yesterday enjoying time in the chair:

It is time to begin preparing for Ray to return to his Mom’s home within the next week or so.  The hospital feels he does not need the acute care they provide, no skilled nursing facility or nursing home will accept him without funding (even Medicaid), we cannot locate an open bed in a VA facility, and he is not at the required level on the Rancho scale for rehabilitation.  We have called so many places, and spoken with a variety of people at places all over our immediate area, as well as Gainesville and Tampa.  We will be speaking with Ray’s trauma doctor tomorrow morning regarding his move and what the next steps will be.  We will post tomorrow evening with an update.

Thank you for following us on Ray’s journey.  Your support and prayers are priceless.  We will need help with locating options for having a nurse come in daily, people to lift Ray into and out of his chair, respite care for Marleen to be able to go shopping or run errands.

As always, leave comments for us, post on our Facebook group, or send an email.  Our contact information can be found in the contact tab above.

Thanks again,

Team Ray!

Ray yesterday:


5 thoughts on “Out of Options

  1. Ray, I am praying that you get the help that you need! Your family and friends have fought hard for you, are still and will always fight for you. God bless you for a speedy recovery.

    Kristy, Tom and Mrs. Brown, I am praying also for you three, for the health, patience and continued love you will need to help and treat Ray. May God bless all of you!

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