Operation Ray to FL

Today we spoke with the trauma team doctors at the hospital.  They went over the situation again with us:  Ray is beyond acute care that a hospital provides, he is not at the appropriate level to benefit from rehab, and no skilled nursing facility or other facility in TN, GA, or FL has accepted the referrals.  This being said, the hospital has arranged to discharge Ray immediately.  The only option to discharge him to is home to his mother’s.  Please recognize that the family has spent endless hours day and night searching and contacting facilities on our own, on top of the hospital sending referrals.  The decision to discharge him to his mother’s home was not our first choice, but again, we do not have any other choice at this time.  The hospital has decided they need to discharge him, and we bought as much time to be able to research places as we could.  Ray has been at Erlanger for 55 days now.  Ray cannot continue to stay in an acute facility, especially without funding.  He will be discharged early next week.

With a significant head injury like Ray’s, it can take a year or more to progress to the final stage of knowing what damaged areas have healed.  He is currently at a level III on the rancho scale.  When he reaches a level IV and can participate in rehab, we will have him on a list immediately.  Again, without funding, our choices are limited.  Brooks in Jacksonville has already told us they accept charity patients.  If Shepherd Center also does, we will approach that bridge when it comes.  Please view the videos from our previous post on brain injury here if you want to know more about the process Ray will go through during his recovery.

The VA facility in Gainesville is helping us to get some equipment we need for the home such as a bed, walker, wheelchair, commode, etc.  They will also be providing home health care support.  We are not sure on the specifics or length of time, but that is a huge relief.  We will be composing a schedule for what type of assistance we need and when, and we will post that within the next few weeks.  The schedule will involve therapy, nursing, and visiting hours.

A special thank you to those that have been sending in donations.  We have been obtaining other much needed supplies for Ray with those monies.

We thank everyone for the support and prayers,

Team Ray!!


2 thoughts on “Operation Ray to FL

  1. Our prayers go out to Ray, and ALL his family, for unexpected blessings from others, physical energy and emotional strength you all need to travel with Ray on his road to recovery. God Bless, Brenda

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