Getting ready for Ray


Ray will be arriving to his mom’s home early this week. His mom, Marleen, arrived home yesterday afternoon. We have been purchasing much needed supplies and preparing for Ray’s arrival. We wanted to say thank you again for the donations we have received. Under the support team Ray tab above, we will be logging some of the large purchases for people to see that they have helped in a huge way. Even a small donation helps us get the needed food for Ray. The Ensure clinical strength that he will get through his peg tube costs $8.97 at Walmart for a 4 pack.

Stay tuned for a full update in the next few days. Things here are busy for us, so please don’t think we have abandoned you all 🙂
We are so thankful for the prayers and positive thoughts and energy. Please keep them coming.
-Team Ray!


3 thoughts on “Getting ready for Ray

  1. TBI is different for everyone. There is just no way to know how long it will take someone to move through the levels. Once he responds to commands consistently, and it appears he can participate in rehab, he will be placed on some lists. The VA will be coming on Tuesday to work out what they will be providing for care and other supplies. If care at home is too much to handle, and there is an opening somewhere, that is still a possibility. Right now we just have to go day to day.

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