Ray’s Homecoming

As some of you already know, Ray will be discharged from Erlanger tomorrow AM to be transported to his mother’s house in St. Augustine.  He is to receive home health care provided by the VA until ready for an aggressive rehab program.  The extent of care and medical supplies provided by the VA are still unknown.  Within the coming days we are to meet with the VA case manager assigned to Ray and the home health care team to determine what supplies are needed and to establish a plan of care.  From that assessment we will then be able to know what additional supplies need to be purchased for Ray.  By the end of the week we plan to have a schedule developed to include Ray’s nursing care, therapy, respite care, and visiting times.  Since Ray is still in the early stages of recovery, it is crucial that we do not over stimulate him at this time.  The family would like to ask that all visitors please abide by the posted schedule as to not disturb the recovery process.  This week will be a very trying week for the family so please keep this in mind when looking for new updates.

This link is helpful for those wishing to visit with Ray:

Family Guide to the Rancho Scale                                                                                  This part is taken from the Level III section of the above link:                                             Level III: Localized Responses                                                                                   Behaviors

  • May be awake on and off throughout the day
  • Will move more spontaneously
  • Reactions to various stimuli will be more specific
  • May withdraw from pain, blink when presented with strong light, or turn toward or away from sound
  • May begin to respond inconsistently to yes/no questions as well as simple instructions

How can family and friends help Levels I, II, and III patients?

  • Use a normal tone of voice when speaking
  • Speak calmly and slowly
  • Have one person talk at a time
  • Talk about the present, positive things, or home events
  • Use the person’s name when talking
  • Tell the person what you are about to do (“I’m going to brush your hair.”)
  • Limit periods of stimulation/activity to 5-10 minutes
  • Turn on the TV for short periods of time (5-10 minutes)
  • Limit the number of visitors to two to three people at a time
  • Keep the room calm and quiet; avoid over-stimulation (loud noises, too many people, bright lights, etc.)
  • Bring in personal items (favorite lotion, music, posters)
  • Do not speak in front of the person as if he/she were not there

Thank you,

Team Ray!


5 thoughts on “Ray’s Homecoming

  1. Hi there,
    I didn’t know Ray well, but I wish I did! I just saw him around, probably had a casual conversation once or twice, but we share some mutual friends. Anyway, I’m graduating in December with my Masters degree in Occupational Therapy. I was hoping to read that his Mom’s house was here in Gainesville. I was feeling pretty certain I could rope some of my professors and other OT’s I’ve met into perhaps donating some services. But, I did want to share one thought that might hold some sort of option. There is an OT and PT school at the University of St. Augustine. Many of the students here at UF volunteered there time prior to and during school to gain some extra experience with patients. Of course, we’re not licensed, so we can’t do true therapy but it’s a place to start. I would suggest contacting the school though, you never know what they might be willing to do. Perhaps some of their staff would donate their time, or a professor can supervise some students, or they might know other therapists in town who would donate some time to conduct a few therapy sessions and provide you all some education on what you can do therapy wise yourselves. You can also try contacting some of the outpatient therapy sites, give them this website or some other info about Ray to see if anyone is willing to donate some time. I know you’re struggling to get him in somewhere and that suggestion may lead nowhere, but it seems like you are turning over ever stone for options. I hope it helps.
    If there’s anything I can do to help you get connected therapy-wise, you can e-mail me at lindseydhans@yahoo.com. I can’t promise I’ll be much help, but I can try!

    • Hi Lindsey,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us. Ray’s mom’s home is in St. Augustine, yes. We actually have a friend that attends the U of St. A for physical therapy and has been helping us with some therapy techniques with Ray. We have not mentioned that here on the blog, but on the Facebook group we have. If you are not a member yet, please join. The link is in our contact link above. The U of St. A students are on a two week break, but our friend put in an email to his professor to see if his class could be of assistance.

      • That’s great! I’m glad you’ve already been able to tap in that resource. I hope they are able to connect you with some extra help.

  2. Jill Slater is my cousin and she has asked her family and extended family to pray for Ray. I am praying for Ray and for the “Team Ray”. I am sending positive thoughts your way and prayers for a successful recovery. It sounds like Ray has a lot of support and love and that will help a lot. I do believe in the power of prayer and in miracles. BELIEVE! God bless ….. Shari Gabaldon, Phoenix, AZ

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