Better and better …

The transfer to Malcom Randall VAMC – Gainesville went today without incident.  Ray was met by a team of physicians and care providers to ensure his needs will be met while he is there.  It was around this time as well that we were notified that Ray’s second referral to the TBI program at James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital – Tampa was approved.  They will not have a bed for Ray at Tampa VA until next Wednesday, Sept 5th, at which point VA will provide medical transport to the new facility.  To top the great news, Ray also passed a simple swallow test this afternoon which is very promising he will have his feeding tube removed soon!  We are overwhelmed with all these great things happening for Ray so quickly.  🙂

John, Shawn, and Ray getting ready for Gainesville. 8/28/12

A huge thank you goes out to John and Shawn who helped Marlena with the transport today.  It was not an easy process but their help no doubt made it a smoother ride.  Ray has become very restless that he now requires a constant watch.  He will adjust well to the new setting and seems very content with the way things are going.  For those wishing to visit Ray while he is temporarily at Gainesville VA, he is in room 324.  There are no posted visiting hours, but please no visits before 9 AM or after 9 PM.  We do not have any details on where Ray will be staying in Tampa just yet or how long he may have to be there.  He will continue to need all of our support to ensure a speedy recovery.  His progress since coming home has been incredible and we are sure there will remain remarkable improvements in his recovery.

Go Team Ray!!!


3 thoughts on “Better and better …

  1. Thank you for the continued updates on Ray’s progress. We are thrilled to hear of his smooth transition to the VA facility. As always we continue to lift he and all of Team Ray up in prayer for continued hope, strength, and recovery. Myra and I can’t wait for next summer’s journey to St. Augustine! We love you guys!

    Myra and Jimmy
    Chattanooga, TN

  2. This is wonderful news! I continue to Pray for Ray daily and ask whoever notices my blue bracelet to pray also. This is proof that prayers ARE answered!

  3. Always great to hear positive reports on Ray’s progress. We here in Chattanooga continue to lift him up in prayer for his continued recovery. Much love.

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