Ray at rehab

Just a quick bit to let everyone know that Ray made it safely to Tampa VA.  He is to undergo an intensive two week evaluation period in which he will be assessed thoroughly to determine the extent of his current condition.  We will then meet with his care staff to determine the best approach for rehab from their evaluation of Ray.  It is anticipated that Ray will remain at Tampa for several months until he has recovered enough to come home.  Rehab will be an all-day process for Ray and it is important that he makes his best effort during the eval.  We would like to ask that everyone refrain from visits and other distractions for just a little while until Ray is settled and well through his initial evaluation.  Another update will be posted to give specifics on visitations once the time is ready.  Thanks for all the support.

Go Team Ray!!!


3 thoughts on “Ray at rehab

  1. My good friend went thru rehab for TBI, and the therapists there had such great techniques to help with recovery. Sending prayers that Ray will make excellent progress. And thanks for posting these updates.

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