Ray Check Up

Ray’s family went to Tampa this weekend to visit with him-Marleen, Tom, and Kristy.  Upon arriving Saturday morning, Ray was sitting in a chair in his room.  He was happy to see us and remembered us immediately.  We were able to take him outside for a walk in front of the hospital to enjoy the beautiful weather.  He gets tired easily, so after the walk he wanted to rest in the bed.  We went out for a few hours and came back to see him in the afternoon.  He was in bed, so we sat with him and talked about our week and about the yard sale and such.  Today, when we arrived in the morning, he was still in bed.  The nurse said he did not sleep much last night and was restless and agitated.  He was not up for company, so we went out for some coffee.  When we returned, he was still in bed, but he was okay with having us sit with him.  He was not very talkative, so we just hung out with him.

Family Visit 9/16/12

Monday, September 24th is our family meeting with Ray’s care team in Tampa.  At this meeting, they will review Ray’s case and we will all participate in developing the care plan for his time in Tampa.  Ray receives therapy Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm.  The therapies include speech, recreational, occupational, and physical.  The staff seemed pleasant and they like Ray very much.  From our observation, he is less mobile than when he was at home.  This is because at rehab they start from the basic level of functioning he can complete with accuracy and they build from there.  When he first arrived to Tampa, he fell trying to get out of bed so he has someone sitting nearby with him 24/7 in case he needs something or tries to get up.  We will receive more information on his progression at the care plan meeting.

Ray’s agitation Saturday evening was likely due to overstimulation.  Due to his injury, he can easily become overworked and agitated with too much happening in a short period of time.  With this, we ask that everyone hold off on planning any visits until after the care plan meeting where Ray’s recovery plan will be determined.  Our top priority is Ray healing and becoming stronger.  We feel that overstimulation can set his progress back or cause it to become stagnant.  We know Ray’s friends also want the best for him and will understand the reasoning behind this request.  If his close friends would like to call in to speak with him, they can email us at pray4ray2012@gmail.com and we will provide you with the needed contact information.

Once visiting is opened, it will most likely be on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 3pm.  During the week Ray is very busy with therapy and needs rest to help his brain continue to recover.

Thank you for your continued prayers and positive energy for Ray!  We want to ask that those praying focus the energy on Ray being able to swallow.  While we were visiting, he said many times that he wanted food.

Also, please check out our post below on our Pray for Ray Garage Sale.  If you have anything lying around you do not need anymore, donate it to us and we will sell it.  All proceeds go to Ray.

Team Ray!


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