Good Signs

After spending a great weekend with Ray, we were able to witness first-hand the start of his emersion from the fog of post-traumatic amnesia (PTA).  He has become much more aware of his condition and is able to reflect on his thoughts and actions.  We were able to even sit with him for several hours and have meaningful conversations about what he is going through and how well he is doing.  He was able to explain to us about noticing an awareness of sporadic emotions where he can go from being very happy to very sad in a matter of moments without knowing why.  We explained to him that his behavior is normal to his injury and that we fully understand and to not take things personal.  Ray is embracing his situation well and making the best of it.  He even told us that he is very thankful for all his support and for his excitement to go home when he is ready.

Ray is still going through a lot of confusion and at times has difficulty in knowing what is real and what is not.  In speaking with him on this he was able to tell us that he will sometimes have dreams or thoughts that he is unable to know if it actually happened.  As Ray progresses further from PTA, he will be able to know with more certainty the separation and start to form new memories from his experiences.  We are seeing that some of Ray’s short-term memories are being maintained and that his long-term memories are starting to come back along with his cognition skills.  He may at first state that he does not remember something, but if you cue him with exact questions we found that he can recall the memory and talk more about it.

In addition to Ray’s mental improvements he is also improving with his motor skills.  He is able to move around much more effortlessly in his wheelchair and better perform simple tasks with his hands.  While visiting we were able to play catch with him for over an hour, which is far better now than a few weeks ago!

Ray playing some catch. Oct 14, 2012

Ray’s daily improvements are positive signs to his rapid recovery.  It is hard to believe that in one week it will be four months from his accident.  In that amount of time we have seen a remarkable progression in Ray due to his determination and courage.  He is very thankful for all the support that he receives and once again we send all of you are thanks for following Ray and sending him your love.

Team Ray



9 thoughts on “Good Signs

  1. This is such wonderful news. It must be frightening not knowing reality from dreams, etc., but thank God you are there with him to explain. God love him. He is always on my mind and in my prayers…as are all of you. Jill Rousseau

    • Yes, I see Ray as being better from all of this too. He actually told us on our last visit that he sees himself helping out others once he has healed. Very inspiring to hear him say this so early on. He gives us all hope to carry on.

  2. This visit was the best so far for us. It’s something special for Ray to express himself to us. We have been thinking of him nonstop daily and doing everything possible for him from a distance. To hear him say how much he appreciates it makes it so much more special. Ray still has much to overcome. Watching him and Tom play catch together made me want to tear up a few times. Ray has tremors (he shakes a lot) due to the injury and healing process. It’s difficult to watch him struggle with a simple task such as tossing a ball. He is doing amazing though. And now that he can be positive about the experience, I think it’ll help him heal that much faster. Please help us focus prayers and energy on Ray having success with pureed food tomorrow, so that the techs will be able to feed him this way as well. Right now he gets fed through the stomach tube and he gets yogurt and pudding. As he said, he’s “famished”. I told him I’d ask a special request of you all to help us pray and focus on this for him. Ray made my day today when he told me “I’m glad you are my sister-in-law”. I could not help it that time, I had to shed a few tears. Thanks for everyone that passes this on, and those of you that have been following Ray’s story and have been thinking of him also.

    • On my last visit, Ray was telling me how lucky he is to have a brother and sister (he calls you his sister to me :D) who love him so much.
      “Love bears all things, believes all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” I Corinthians 13:7

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