After meeting with the care team at the Tampa VA yesterday, it is looking very likely that Ray will be discharged home before Christmas.  The exact date is yet to be determined but this will be the primary focus for us and his care team over the next few weeks.  Ray has expressed on numerous occasions his desire to be home and all of the team at Tampa agrees it is now safe for that to occur.  There remain a few safety items that still need to be addressed for preparation of the home before a discharge can be possible.  We are confident that our concerns will be addressed by the care team prior to Ray’s return home.  Ray’s safety and comfort are our primary goals and we will do all that is possible to make that happen.

Recovery-wise there is not much of an update on Ray from our last post.  He is being assessed at the same levels as before and his progress remains slow and steady.  Trend data is showing a marked improvement in all areas over the past three months, yet his day-to-day recovery is slow.  Fluctuations in demeanor and ability are normal during PTA and need to be understood by those interacting with Ray.  The big news to happen soon is another swallow study where the therapists feel Ray can upgrade to a ‘nectar-thick’ diet.  This is great news as it means he is starting to tolerate thinner types of foods and liquids which may allow for his feeding tube removal.  We need energy focused on this to happen before discharge as it will make his home care easier to manage.

Once a firm discharge date is determined, Ray will be transferred home and his care will fall under the VA Home Transitional Care Team.  Schedules for therapies and medical assistance will be determined by the new team.  Details on his new care schedule, what supplies will be required, and any additional assistance he may need from the team may not be known until he is home.   We will need everyone’s positive energies in making this a smooth transition for Ray.  More details will follow closer to the eventual discharge to include visitation over the holiday season.

Ray Nov 17

Thank you!

Team Ray


4 thoughts on “Homestretch

  1. Great news Ray! I know he wants to be there as soon as possible.
    Ray attended the wedding and it was great to have him be a part of it!

    Currently posting from Arequipa, so I must be brief but I’m really glad to see him making progress and getting out and about, god bless.

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