Homeward Bound

It has been just over four months since Ray was transferred to the VA TBI program in Tampa.  During his stay Ray has gone through multiple PT, OT, ST, and neurological therapies where he has shown marked improvements in all areas.  Chief among these was the emergence from PTA.  Now that Ray is more aware and better able to comprehend, the chances of a more rapid recovery are more likely.  There is no way of knowing how long Ray will need for recovery or what his ‘end-state’ will be, but so far he has shown only good signs.

The time has now come for Ray to make his way home to continue his path of recovery.  Discharge planning with the VA has been completed and he is scheduled to arrive home tomorrow afternoon.  VA Home Health Aid and Home Transitional Care will follow Ray once he is home and provide a schedule that is compatible to his needs.  Medical supplies and additional care items have already been in place and we are ready to receive.  Ray’s new care schedule will most likely not be known for certain until sometime next week.  With Ray at a more advanced state of recovery, there is no need for visitation restrictions during the day prior to 8 PM.  Tolerance to visits may need some adjustment over time but for now we are not seeing there to be any issues.

As some of you already know, Ray has been eager to come home for quite some time now.  Due to his injuries, this has not been a realistic possibility.  The transfer home is huge for Ray and is proof that he has made significant progress since his accident.  There will undoubtedly be obstacles down the road in which Ray will need to overcome.  With help from family and friends Ray will surely conquer what lies ahead.  Kind words are not enough for those that have shown their support along the way.  We are truly grateful to all that continue to follow Ray and lift him up while on his journey.

Thank you!

Team Ray


6 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. Wow the day is finally here! I know he has been very eager for it, to say the least….lol. If there is anybody out there that deserves good things its Ray, Hes been a blessing in my life and is sure to experience his own. Marlena, your awesome.

  2. I am so happy he is on his way home. I would really like to come visit him. If someone could let me know when that would be most appropriate that would be great.

  3. Our thoughts and prayers have and continue to lift Ray and all of Team Ray up. We are very grateful for the opportunity to have shared a small part in his journey. Please know that the Chattanooga crew is still focusing its prayers and energy on Ray’s continued recovery, and we can’t wait for a visit! We love you guys!

    Jimmy and Myra

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