Getting Settled

As scheduled, Ray has been transferred home and is already receiving therapies at the house.  It will take another few weeks before the therapists can work out an appropriate schedule for Ray’s needs.  Follow-up appointments at the St Augustine and Jacksonville VA clinics have also been scheduled to ensure Ray is receiving proper care.  He will continue to be monitored by the VA TBI program and adjustments to his care will be made if needed.  Now that Ray is home he has been more determined in a speedy recovery.  The familiar places and faces are also helping him to regain his memories and better engage with people.  Several of Ray’s friends have already stopped by to see him to give their encouragement.

Ray's Room

One thing that we all need to keep in mind is that Ray still has limitations.  His determination to overcome obstacles is overwhelming at times, but he still needs our support along the way.  Ray has put forth tremendous effort to get to where he is now.  A way to help Ray with his recovery is to understand his limitations and offer support where you can.  Since Ray has been home he hasn’t stopped moving.  This extra exercise is great but can also be dangerous as he is still a fall risk.  Care needs to be taken by all that see him to not allow further brain injury to occur.  He still requires a walker and may need his wheelchair for long stretches.  We do not see him needing his wheelchair too much longer but that will be dependent on how his therapies progress.

The family is extremely grateful for all the support offered.  As Ray becomes acclimated to home and his new therapy schedule, we would like to ask that all visitors please call ahead to arrange for a visit to ensure it is not conflicting with anything else already scheduled.  This will help to keep Ray on task and not be so overwhelmed with too much at once.  We will need to remain flexible with his schedule for now until his care schedule becomes more defined.  Please contact Marleen to book your time with Ray.  Many slots are available for your visits.

Thank you!

Team Ray


2 thoughts on “Getting Settled

  1. Ray, I just went back through our previous posts and pictures of you. It’s been a wild ride. I’m so happy to have you talking and laughing with us again. At some points throughout your recovery it was scary and so very emotional because you couldn’t talk to tell us what you needed or wanted. Looking at the pictures is like a time travel and I can’t believe it wasn’t really that long ago. It feels like a year or two, but it’s only been 7 months this upcoming week. You have come a long way. I know you still have a long way to go but you can do it! 🙂

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