Day by Day

It has been nearly two weeks since Ray has been home since his transfer from the Tampa VA.  Therapy schedules are still being fine-tuned but he manages to receive PT three times a week, OT twice a week, and ST once a week.  Primary care services have been reassigned from Gainesville to St Augustine for physician follow-ups.  Psych and neuro sessions are to occur via scheduled appointments at the local VA clinics and may become home sessions if the need arises.  Nursing care is also involved about twice a week to assist with bathing and respite.  Supplies for Ray’s medical needs are also under control and we will have a Home Transitional Care (HTC) team from the VA for the first twenty-eight days after the transfer home.  Home health services provided by the VA post-HTC will be evaluated to determine what Ray is qualified to receive based upon his needs.

As with most people recovering from TBI, Ray is battling with not only physical and mental limitations but also depression.  Common among the survivors of severe injury is the feeling of helplessness and depression.  It is during this time that family and friends are needed to help lift up and motivate.  Support can come from phone calls, short visits, or even old fashioned letters.  Appointments for visitations, etc. are no longer required as Ray’s mental health is more important than a crowded house.  The family will be doing what we can to help keep Ray’s spirits high and involve him in rewarding activities.  We are currently seeking volunteer activities that Ray may be able to interact in and receive the benefit of helping others.  Please feel free to let us know of any ideas that may help.

Ray - 7 months

Today marks seven months since Ray’s accident.  Going back through all the pictures, the progress made in recovery is apparent.  Every day we may not see great change but looking back it becomes clear.  Small surprises in Ray’s recovery present themselves and give us hope there will be much more to come.  Quite by surprise today we witnessed that Ray is beginning to read again at low levels.  It is quite remarkable to be a part of his recovery experience and to share in giving him support along the way.

Thank you!

Team Ray



2 thoughts on “Day by Day

  1. Outstanding Ray! It is an awesome blessing for us here in Chattanooga to hear of Ray’s continued recovery. We continue to pray for Ray and all of Team Ray. Please know that the Chattanooga crew loves you all, and we look forward to a trip to see you guys in the near future. We know in our hearts that more and more fantastic blessings are in store as Ray continues his recovery. Much love and best wishes.
    Jimmy and Myra

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