Uplifting Support

What a great day for Ray!  Today was the 5K Race for Ray event in Gainesville put together by the University of Florida’s College of Medicine.  Despite having the early wake up and chilly morning, over two hundred people turned out to show their support for Ray.  All along the route Ray received encouraging support to help lift his spirits.  Since he cannot walk at great lengths yet without extreme fatigue, he was pushed along the route in his wheelchair with friends and family at his side.  Finally at the last turn of the course, Ray was able to walk to the finish line with everyone applauding and cheering him to the finish.  The family and Ray were truly overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion from all the loyal support from this event.

Race organizers Danielle and Philip presenting Ray with the race registration poster.

Race organizers Danielle and Philip presenting Ray with the race registration poster.

Ray is at a point in his recovery process where he needs all the extra kind words and support family and friends can provide.  Dealing with the aftermath from a severe brain injury can not only be physically draining on Ray but also mentally and emotionally trying.  Depression can often linger for quite a while after TBI patients return home.  Please keep the support coming and show Ray that we all care.

Check out the Pray for Ray Facebook group for more pics from this event and feel free to add any of your own to the event album.

Coverage from the event:

Gainesville Sun article

UF Alligator article

YouTube video


Thank you!!!

Team Ray


3 thoughts on “Uplifting Support

  1. Hey, Ray…..every chilly sunny morning now I think about that race, and seeing you again and hugging your neck. What a GREAT day that was for all of us who hadn’t been in touch with you. There are MANY MANY people here who love you and care about you, and we are going to try to do a better job of keeping in touch and making sure you know!!!!! Love, Shenary

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