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Now that Ray is beyond the transitional phase since being home, his therapies have become all outpatient.  This coming week will be Ray’s first full week of these therapies at Brooks Rehabilitation in St Augustine.  He has been approved for speech, occupational, and physical therapies three times a week.  Nursing and respite aid are still available for home calls on a limited basis as needed.  Physician follow-ups for medical and neuro needs are also ongoing to ensure Ray stays healthy.  The transition to the outpatient environment is a positive sign that Ray is still on a path of progress.  It is also much more likely that his recovery will continue at a good pace with the outpatient resources that are available.

We are seeing that Ray is able to do more by himself in his daily tasks.  He is able to tolerate all types of food now and no longer requires water intake through a feeding tube.  With luck he should be able to have the tube removed soon.  While his tremors are still frequent, they are not a constant and we are doing what we can to work around them.  His primary care physician will help us to re-evaluate what is needed to better control the shakiness.  Muscle control and movement with the walker are also improving slightly.  Ray has kept himself busy with muscle control therapy items and even yoga at the house led by a friend.  We were even able to get Ray a bike so that he can ride around the neighborhood.

Enjoying a nice bike ride with Ray on St. Patrick's day.

Enjoying a nice bike ride with Ray on St. Patrick’s day.

With the nine month post-accident mark this Thursday, we should start to see Ray becoming more grounded in his situation soon.  Depression is inevitable when so much has changed.  We are still working to keep Ray uplifted and away from depression.  Several of Ray’s friends have done a great job with this by keeping him company and engaging him in positive activities.  It will be great friends and a supportive family to help guide Ray when he needs it as he continues his journey through TBI.

Thank you!

Team Ray



9 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. For those of you that have not already seen the video of Ray on his bike:

    This was our trial run with his bike the weekend before last. He took right too it and really seemed to enjoy the experience. Thanks to Jon his previous PT for the suggestion!

  2. It has been quite some time since my last visit with Ray. I was looking forward to all of these great things for some time. It is awesome to hear of his progress. I cannot wait to drive up for a visit, please send our love and cheers from the Tampa crew!

  3. I a so excited to hear about the continued progress. And wow, how exciting re: the bike! I would be right there with ya’ll riding if Chattanooga was not so far away! Keep the pictures coming. I hope that he continues making improvements! Recreation with friends and family are VITAL ; ) (coming from a Recreational Therapist). Sending best wishes! Lisa Morgan (Chattanooga Area Brain Injury Association

    • Hi Morgan – Thanks for the support. Ray has a great group of friends here that have really helped out. We’ll keep doing what we can to keep him involved and doing things in the community.

  4. Yea!!! Great photo.
    Have Ray and the family and the doctors discussed a low dose antidepressant? They made a world of difference to me when I was going through a tough time, and maybe could be helpful for Ray.

    • Hi Carole – We will be trying an antidepressant with Ray. He has been very against taking anything for this but is now wanting the help with medicine. It should arrive later this week and we will need to go through a trial to see how the med and dose work out.

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