Stalling Pattern

The care team at the Gainesville VA is still undergoing assessment of Ray to determine the best possible next step that can fully support his needs.  There is a considerable amount of coordination needed before a transfer can be made to a specialized therapy option.  Before Ray can be considered for one of these options, he will need to be open and willing to participate in the program.  The past few weeks he has been somewhat open to the options provided.  Ray is doing his best to make the most of the situation given his current restrictions and placement.

If you can, please visit or call Ray for encouragement.  Day passes for earlier visitation may be granted by a physician on the care team if you call ahead.  Normal visiting hours are from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.  He does not have a direct line yet but can be reached at 352-548-6000 x1500.  We need to focus support on helping Ray to engage more with the care team.  This will greatly help in getting him out of the psych ward more quickly and on with his TBI recovery.  Please continue to show your support by helping Ray to accept help and move on.

Thank you!

Team Ray


3 thoughts on “Stalling Pattern

  1. 🌞 Thank you so much for the update on Ray. He really needs our prayers and support. I miss him so much. Marlena

    • I just checked with the staff on the ward and he is able to receive mail. Please use the following address:

      Malcom Randall VA Medical Center
      Attn: Ray Brown, 5W Rm 544
      1601 SW Archer Rd
      Gainesville, FL 32608

      He would love any encouragement he can get!

      Thank you.

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