Progress Made

It is hard to believe that exactly one year ago Ray was involved in a serious car accident that left him with severe brain damage.  Looking back through all the pictures and posts its hard to not be overcome by emotions.  Immediately following the accident Ray was being assessed at a Glasco level 1 and has since recovered to a Rancho level 6.  While Ray still has more recovery to go before he can become independent once again, there is still a great chance that his recovery will continue.

The care team at Avalon Park is actively assessing Ray to determine his exact limitations and how he is progressing clinically.  In the near-term the VA will conduct a thorough neuro assessment on Ray to more accurately determine his current cognitive level of functioning.  This information will be very useful for the care team in providing tailored care to his needs. The entire goal of the Neuro Restorative program is to help TBI patients work through their limitations while also helping to continue the recovery process.

Over the next few months we should start to see Ray in a more independent role.  His care team will be focusing on helping Ray to reach his recovery goals.  He will be very involved in establishing realistic and achievable goals which will be the milestones for his own recovery.  It will be important that Ray have all the support possible to help him reach his goals.  Please take a few moments to help recognize the progress Ray has already made in this lifelong recovery process.  Without the support provided there would undoubtedly not be the same progress made.

Thank you!

Team Ray


4 thoughts on “Progress Made

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  2. Keep up the good work Ray. You are in my daily prays.
    Always glad to hear about your recovery. You can beat this Ray. I know it must be really hard work but i have faith in God to see you through this.
    Keep us posted on your progress.
    Love, Diane Gregg

  3. Thank you Tom for this recent update on Ray. It’s helpful for all of us to understand how delicate and difficult brain injury can be.
    I thank God for the VA’s help. Where would Ray and other vets with brain injury be without them.
    As always we appreciate all prayers for Ray,s recovery.
    Thank you for being there for him.

  4. Dear Ray: We wish you great progress in your recovery and will be praying for you every day!! I am so glad we found you, again!! Our fur babies, Sydney and Molly, send their love. Love, Judy and Charlie

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