The Plan Ahead

It has been close to a month since Ray transferred to NeuroRestorative’s Avalon Park.  The staff has become familiar with Ray and has begun the process of formulating a complete plan of care.  Obtainable goals have been established and a full range of staff will be working with Ray on a daily basis to help in reaching those goals.  The main focus continues to be on improving and/or eradicating Ray’s Rubral tremors.  These have been quite bad for him and have prevented him from performing simple daily tasks in addition to hampering other areas of recovery.  As some of you may already know, Ray has been on a few medicines for the tremors.  The latest, Keppra, has been administered for about three months now and appears to be helping somewhat.  A neurologist from the Gainesville VA is continuing to follow Ray and is advising the staff at Avalon Park to assist in the plan of care.

The challenge on the road ahead will be in getting Ray to participate fully in the scheduled therapies.  He is still refusing some of his therapies on occasion.  This only delays any sort of recovery possible and makes receiving further help more difficult.  All of the staff at Avalon Park is training in dealing with patients that have difficulty with engaging in activities.  In some cases the staff is able to motivate Ray properly, but ultimately it is Ray’s decision in the process.  Once Ray is fully aware this is his best option, there should be a greater amount or recovery seen.  Unfortunately there is no way of knowing when Ray will be fully ready.  For now he does what he can tolerate and the staff do what they can to help.

Currently there are no finite dates set for the NeuroRestorative assessment period.  The plan of care set in place now is for a three-month period but will continue thereafter at planned intervals that will be useful in measuring progress being made.  The initial arrangement was a tentative one-year plan with proceeding time needed for recovery to be determined after the first year.  Ray’s engagement and progress in the current assessment plan now will be used to gage what is needed next.  There are not many other options for him outside of this program.  He still requires assisted living and is a long ways from an independent life.  What we can all do to help is to let Ray know that we are still here and for him to keep trying and doing his absolute best.  Write to him or call and let him know that you care.  His contact info is below:

Avalon Park
Attn:  Ray Brown
3701 Avalon Park West Blvd, Ste 100
Orlando, FL  32828
321-354-0023 (M-F: 4-8, Weekends: 8-8)

When calling, please avoid mealtime as he still requires assistance with eating and staff will be busy helping with patients.  Thank you everyone for showing your support!

Team Ray