Help Needed

Another month has gone by with NeuroRestorative continuing their work in trying to find
methods to engage Ray more in therapy sessions.  Over the past few months since his setback last May there has been a drastic decline in his participation in all scheduled therapies with no improvement with this since transferring to Avalon Park.  As a result, there is no data to indicate any progress being made and very little that can be observed.  Aggression, confusion, and the lack of self-control are now more commonplace in Ray’s behavior.  These behaviors are difficult to handle at times but are common among TBI patients with frontal lobe damage.  What is unclear is knowing what behavior to expect with Ray at any given time and what of this behavior will be long-term if any.  Keeping Ray in a positive mood and engaged in something productive is the best approach for now.  It could be the manner of approach that makes all the difference in order to convince Ray to engage more and try.

There has also been no progress observed in Ray’s tremors despite a dosage increase with his Keppra medicine almost a month ago.  If anything, the problem has only gotten worse over the past few months.  No update has been provided by the VA on what the next step will be or how long the current approach will go on to try and fix this debilitating problem.  He has yet to receive the one-year post injury full neurological assessment by the VA as well, despite our continued efforts in pushing for this to be done for several months now.  Ray is still under the care of the VA for his medical needs and must have regular ongoing assessments in order to provide the best level of care possible.  However, this interaction has been limited and there is no longer a clear channel for support to address concerns.  Discharge planning from Avalon Park is in the works with no exact plan so far determined.  The plan for a one-year commitment to NeuroRestorative may or may not still be the case and anything beyond theinitial commitment timeframe is uncertain.  Ray still requires a great amount of assistance with basic daily tasks and is still far from independence.

The family would like to ask for everyone’s help in returning to the focused prayer and positive energy support.  We know there are many out there who have been praying for Ray all along and sending him their love, for which we are extremely thankful.  However, we need to focus all that energy on Ray accepting and participating in the help being offered for his care.  Support on this is needed from all of Ray’s followers in order to make a difference.  The biggest obstacle for Ray right now is himself.  Help is needed for him to realize the situation and work to improve himself in order for a better outcome.  Focusing our prayer and energy on a specific outcome may be what is needed for Ray to continue on a path of successful recovery.  Ray still has a tremendous will, but he has lost his way in doing what is needed to get better.  Help Ray find his way back on course by targeting your energies on this specific task.  He needs encouragement to keep fighting strong.  Group power may be the win.

Thank you!

Team Ray