A Change in Plans

Earlier today Ray was transferred to NeuroRestorative’s Tampa location.  It has been close to four months since Ray was initially transferred to NeuroRestorative’s Orlando location for treatment for his severe TBI.  Despite the continued efforts by the care team, there has remained no progress in Ray’s condition.  This is in large part due to his refusal to participate in all of his scheduled therapies over the past few months.   Ray has not been able to get onboard with the program at Avalon Park and has become more withdrawn since his arrival back in June.  As such the care team, consisting of clinical specialists from both the VA and NeuroRestorative, decided to transfer Ray to the NeuroRestorative Tampa location where he can be more closely assessed in their Neurobehavioral program.  The decision to transfer was made without haste in order to ensure Ray is placed in a more appropriate program for his injury without wasting further time.

During the next few weeks Ray will be evaluated by the Tampa team in order to come up with an appropriate plan of care that is more suited for Ray’s condition.  He will be assessed on a regular basis to include monthly progress reports to measure any progress made.  It is our hope that this new location will be able to better reach Ray and engage him in the help being offered.  He is still a long ways away from an independent life and he will need to accept the help being offered at some point in order to even master basic ADLs.  Ray still remains his biggest obstacle in his own recovery.  The focus of the new plan will be to have Ray understand that he needs help and that he needs to participate in therapy sessions provided.

For those wishing to contact Ray for encouragement at his new location, his contact information is below.  Until his schedule is determined, please do not call during the week before 5 as he may be engaged in assessments.  Let’s all show Ray we still care and that he is on a good path.

Attn:  Ray Brown
2351 Clement Rd
Tampa, FL  33549


Thank you to everyone that continues to support Ray.  He still has a long road ahead and he needs all the help that he can get.

Thank you!

Team Ray


5 thoughts on “A Change in Plans

  1. Just a quick update on Ray; he continues to improve and engage in the new treatment plan at the Tampa NeuroRestorative location. Now that he has gotten settled a bit more in his new location, he has been moved across the street to the Clement house. The new location offers a quieter and more independent atmosphere to give Ray more privacy and better encourage his participation. The care plan has not changed, he is just in a different building at the same Tampa location. His new contact information is as follows:

    Attn: Ray Brown
    2411 Clement Road
    Lutz, FL 33549

    (813) 948-3325 x14

    For those wishing to visit, please call ahead to schedule. Things are looking more promising for Ray and we are hopeful for more progress to be had at this new location!

    • Hi Lauren – Yes, Ray has been known for his stubbornness, but also his strong will. We know that once he is onboard with the plan, there will be nothing to stop him from his goals. Thanks for continuing to support him along the way!

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