Off to a Great Start

Yesterday we received a very promising update from the care team on Ray’s progress. It has not even been a month since Ray’s transfer to Neuro-Tampa and we are already seeing great signs.  The team has been able to gain his acceptance to participate in therapies and he has already had several speech, occupational, and physical therapy sessions.  Ray’s mood has also been noticed to have improved since his arrival at the new location.  New goals have been made for each therapy, among them to increase his participation to 100%.  So far he has done well in ST and OT but needs improvements in PT.  A constant obstacle for Ray remains his denial that he has injuries or needs help to get better.

Ray continues to remain strong and maintain his struggle back toward an independent life.  He still requires assistance with basic ADLs to include 24×7 support.  His therapy sessions are designed for him to better perform the basic daily activities with little to no assistance.  This includes eating, personal hygiene, and dressing among others.  Ray still has a ways to go before it would be safe for him to be on his own.  The struggle in this is that Ray does not always acknowledge he can’t just go home or elsewhere to live on his own.  The safety concerns and requirements for assisting Ray at this time are too great for this to be possible.  With continued effort for those supporting Ray, we can work with him to understand his situation and make better use of the support being offered in order to make independent life more of a reality.

Consults to the VA have also been put through for a new swallow study (silent aspiration may still be present), neurology, psychiatry, and a change of his primary care physician.  Neuro-Tampa can only do so much at their facility and must rely on the VA to provide the pieces not covered.  With Ray in Tampa, he will have better access to the VA resources.  Arrangements have been made with his VA case manager to expedite the consults to reduce the waiting time in receiving assistance.  Case management at Neuro-Tampa has done a great job in ensuring Ray receives what is needed for his care.  We should have more of a clinical update on Ray later this month from the VA.

Again for those that wish to contact Ray, his contact information is below.  Over the past week there have been phone problems at his location, but we are told this will be fixed soon.  All visitors should call in before scheduling a visit to ensure no conflicts in schedule.

Attn: Ray Brown
2411 Clement Road
Lutz, FL 33549

(813) 948-3325 x14

Thank you everyone for the support.  It’s still a long road ahead but we are seeing some good things ahead.  Stay tuned!

Ray during a ST session at Neuro-Tampa.

Ray during a ST session at Neuro-Tampa.

Thank you!

Team Ray


3 thoughts on “Off to a Great Start

  1. This is such great news. Praying that everyday will be improvements. As always Ray is always in my daily prayers.Thanks for the update as i have been wondering how things were going for him. He and his family will continue to be in my prayers. God bless.
    Sincerely , Diane Gregg
    East Lynne, Mo.

    • We certainly do our best to help. The right place with the right people makes all the difference. A good attitude through all this also helps. 😊

      Thanks for the support!

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