Promising News

As many are aware, Ray has been less than thrilled with his rehab current program.  In his mind all he needs is medicine and his own regime for recovery to happen.  It has taken a tremendous amount of team effort and persistence for well over a year for him to become more self-aware and his progress to continue.  Despite the adversity Ray plays the game and continues to show promising signs of improvement along the way.  His care team continues the effort in educating him on his injuries and including him in the plan.

From last month’s progress report Ray has met several of his specialized goals where participation and performance objectives were observed.  Noticeable gains since the month prior has been documented.  New targeted goals continue to be developed for him in order to minimize his reliance on assistance for daily living activities.  The eventual end state of the current program is for Ray to return to an independent life once again.  This is something that Ray often needs help with to understand.

From the last post it was mentioned that Ray has started a new medicine to specifically treat his tremors, Primidone.  Since taking there has been an evident reduction in his reflex tendency, which is what causes his uncontrollable shaking.  This is a huge turning point for Ray in his recovery.  With continued monitoring of his neuro response and ability combined with targeted rehab, further gains are achievable.  It remains necessary for Ray to receive this specialized treatment in order for recovery to happen.  All we can do is focus our efforts on helping him realize the need and make the most of the help while it lasts.

A birthday visit with Ray.

A birthday visit with Ray.

Thanks for the continued support,

Team Ray