Contact with Ray

All –

As we make contact with Ray we need to be aware of the full extent of his injuries. Reuniting him with his past life needs to be handled with extreme care. Expecting the same personality and behavior from him now as before the accident only complicates matters and regresses his progress in therapies. The family wishes to ask for everyone’s support on this and to use sound judgement when attempting to involve Ray in activities or promote a return to his old life. It is better to offer him the encouragement to continue with his therapies than a full return to his former self.

At this time Ray must remain in controlled community outings due to behavior problems. His care team has been attempting to better this issue but it has been on ongoing struggle. At this time Ray is required to remain on close supervision both inside and outside of NeuroRestorative and all high stimulation outings need to be approved by his care team. This includes the graduation ceremony and related activities. Although Ray may want to attend these activities and express interest, we must exercise prudent judgement to prevent further regression. Progress in therapies far surpasses anything else at this point and we all need to help Ray work toward his eventual recovery. Please spread the word on this and help out where possible.

Thank you,

Team Ray


3 thoughts on “Contact with Ray

  1. Thank you again for expressing Ray’s current situation.
    For me, understanding what it means for Ray to have a very severe traumatic brain injury, has been difficult.
    Perhaps it is because I have a very hard time realizing that Ray is now a different person. We see him, we love him, we want him to be the person we know and love.
    Yes, I have a tremendously hand time accepting it. Just imagine what it is like for Ray.
    Ray needs to look ahead. Ahead, not back. He needs to come to terms with his injury before he can move ahead.
    And all of us out there should accept this and help him on his journey towards who he is now and what he’s going to do with what has has.
    Believe it or not, Ray can have a wonderful life, if he can adjust and realize all the positives.
    Before speaking to him, study.
    Study about very severe traumatic brain injuries. Please.
    We want the absolute best for Ray, not false hopes, keeping him in a state of misery.

  2. Hi Dr Dave – We will pass along the contact info of his case manager. She will be able to better assist with visiting Ray. Thank you for thinking of him.

  3. I would like to visit him May the 21st around 11:00 AM but need a phone number as to directions and him being notified of my coming up for visit . 941-224-2995 or
    Thanks as looking forward to seeing him
    Dr David Benedict

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