Raise for Ray

As we prepare for the next chapter in Ray’s recovery we need to plan for what he may need in the long run.  It is impossible to know how long he may need assistance and how much of that assistance will be covered by the VA.  Funding for his stay at NeuroRestorative is running out and we don’t know at this point what comes next.

At this time we are uncertain as to what type of long-term assistance Ray will need and how much will actually be covered by the VA.  To offer Ray the greatest chance at recovery, we really need to have him continue with the therapy sessions.  Beyond recovery expenses, we also need to plan for Ray’s eventual independence with all the unknown costs involved.

For now we are accepting donations to help fill the gap in coverage.  Until we know more we are running this as a simple one-time fundraiser.  A link to the donation site can be found on the “Raise for Ray” page.  As always, thank you for continuing to follow Ray and offering him your support.

Team Ray


Seeking Independence

As we all move on with our own lives, Ray continues the struggle through his new life dealing with a severe traumatic brain injury.  Two years ago today Ray was involved in a life changing car accident that has put his life in a new direction.  While there was great recovery progress in his first year post-accident, this second year has been met with slow progress and several bumps along the way.  Despite the obstacles Ray remains healthy and determined to be on his own again with his future remaining uncertain.

Along Ray’s journey to recovery his family and friends have done what they can to try and support him.  In some cases tough calls had to be made to help protect him from further physical, mental, or emotional injury.  It is difficult to not be over protective of someone that you care deeply about.  In Ray’s case, he doesn’t always understand or agree with the decisions that are made toward keeping him safe.  At some point there is a need to let go a little in order for a person to grow on their own.

The current plan of care for Ray is designed for him to understand his limitations and adapt to them.  This involves several therapy sessions including counseling appointments.  Sadly Ray does not fully acknowledge he has limitations or share in the belief that he needs help.  This has posed a major obstacle in his recover plan.  New methods of engaging Ray to perform therapies are being used as a way to compensate for his lack of commitment to the care plan.  Lately he has not participated in the majority of his scheduled care and has refused the help being offered.

When Ray was transferred to the NeuroRestorative program there was a funding commitment offered by the VA as a pilot program for TBI patients.  The initial timeframe for the program was set at one year with additional treatment intervals contingent on funding approval by Congress.  For Ray, his timeframe started at Neuro-Tampa in October of last year with expiration sometime in September of this year.  Funding extension for the Neuro pilot program has not yet been approved and it is unlikely to pass Congress.

As we approach closer to the end of Ray’s current treatment plan we will need to consider new options for him.  Keeping Ray in the Neuro program does not appear to be the best option for him at the moment even if we could raise the funds.  Participation in the Neuro program requires greater involvement from participants than what Ray is willing to provide at this time.  He would still benefit from a therapy routine and does require assistance with ADLs in addition to needing medical care.

Ray desperately wants a return to his independence and we all want to help make that happen.  Choosing the next step for Ray will be a difficult decision to make.  The option will need to both acknowledges Ray’s desire while also trying to do what is best for his continued recovery.  At this stage of the game we really need to have Ray onboard with the program of choice and for him to be completely devoted to seeing things through.  There has not been the ‘magic breakthrough’ yet for Ray to suddenly realize that he needs help that we all greatly want to see happen.  In the face of this tough situation, we are hopeful to find a good balance that Ray can agree to and that will address his care needs.

Collage of Ray through is traumatic brain injury.

Collage of Ray through is traumatic brain injury.

Thank you for continuing to follow Ray on his new life journey.

Team Ray