Raise for Ray

As we prepare for the next chapter in Ray’s recovery we need to plan for what he may need in the long run.  It is impossible to know how long he may need assistance and how much of that assistance will be covered by the VA.  Funding for his stay at NeuroRestorative is running out and we don’t know at this point what comes next.

At this time we are uncertain as to what type of long-term assistance Ray will need and how much will actually be covered by the VA.  To offer Ray the greatest chance at recovery, we really need to have him continue with the therapy sessions.  Beyond recovery expenses, we also need to plan for Ray’s eventual independence with all the unknown costs involved.

For now we are accepting donations to help fill the gap in coverage.  Until we know more we are running this as a simple one-time fundraiser.  A link to the donation site can be found on the “Raise for Ray” page.  As always, thank you for continuing to follow Ray and offering him your support.

Team Ray


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