Homebound Again

With Ray’s continued refusal of help being offered a decision has been made to pull him immediately from the NeuroRestorative program.  Discharge is currently scheduled for some time on Monday where he will be transferred back to St Augustine for a temporary stay with his mother.  Given this sudden change in the care plan the VA is still in the process of attempting to line up his new care team in the area for primary care, nursing, home health aide, and outpatient therapy.

During Ray’s stay in St Augustine we will be evaluating long-term options for him.  Sadly no breakthrough has happened for him to accept or even acknowledge he has deficits since his accident.  This has been the major obstacle that so many people have attempted to overcome this past year and a half in order to assist with Ray’s recovery.  The options at this point are slim and with Ray not willing to do anything to better his situation it makes matters only more difficult.

This will be the third time now that Ray will be moved back home since his accident.  Each previous occasion was met with a situation that required urgent transfer back into a live-in care program.  While Ray has recovered more since his last incident, he still displays the same behavioral issues and stubbornness with listening to the advice of others.  We need everyone to keep Ray in mind over these next few weeks as he settles once again at home.  More details to come soon as we know more.

Thank you for all the continued support.