Getting Settled

Ray’s transition home to St Augustine went without incident.  The VA has helped to coordinate several follow-up medical appointments and has also arranged for additional supplies to be delivered in the near future.  Outpatient therapy options remain unknown at this time but should start back up again soon.  Another home health inspection may be needed to address any potential gaps in care coverage to include respite care options for Ray’s mother.  For now it appears we have everything needed for Ray.

Physically and mentally Ray seems to be doing well.  He is much happier at home than he was in the Neuro program.  Depression is still an issue but is being managed appropriately.  Often during ‘returns to reality’ TBI patients can become more depressed than before when in a care facility.  This is to be expected and Ray’s situation is no different.  He still struggles with the tremor and mobility issues.  His follow-up medical appointments and outpatient therapies should help Ray to better cope and carry on with his limitations in a more constructive manner.

At this time there are no interaction restrictions for Ray.  Visitations are welcome but should be scheduled first with his mother.  We may be able to setup FaceTime / Skype options for him as well for the more remote followers.  Feel free to contact us for more specific details on how to reach Ray.  Positive interaction at this point will help him to get out of the ‘funk’ he is in now and put him on a brighter path.  Progress and updates will most likely be slow for the next few months so please be patient.  Please continue to keep up with Ray on his new life journey.

Ray at Home

Thank you,

Team Ray