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9 thoughts on “Contact Team Ray

  1. hey buddy , just heard about you ,been trying for over year contact you–I will come to see you as you were a very important part of my live …see you soon Dr Dave

  2. Hi there. I just happened to stumble across this blog through a link I found and I have to say what an incredible person I feel I’ve met. Ray, you’re an inspiration, keep strong!

  3. I am an Occupational Therapist in St. Augustine and I have PT and speech friends that might be willing to help depending on where Ray lives. Also I’m guessing you have tried Samantha Wilson in downtown St. Augustine, I think they take charity cases on a case by case basis.

  4. When Ray is released to his moms where is that located? I live in Jacksonville, FL and am a CNA and can offer some help if needed. I am licensed.

  5. I went to high school with ray is anyone in the harrisonville area doing a fundraiser for him, if so i would gladly donate my time i could cut hair all day and any money raised could go to him

    • HI Michelle – To our knowledge there are no official fundraisers in Hville for Ray. Whatever people can send will go towards support for Ray, whether it’s donations or simply prayers. We have tried to spread the news about Ray to as many people as possible. Please share this site and our Facebook groups with others to help inform on the situation. Thank you!

  6. I know you guys are trying to get into the unit in Tampa, but maybe you could go to another poly-trauma center,Minneapolis, MN; Palo Alto, CA; Richmond, VA especially if a family member could stay with Ray at the Fisher House each has one. It’s possible Fisher House could help with transportation.

    • Thanks for the info…check out our latest post. Unfortunately, our time to research and find a place is up and the hospital is discharging Ray. We will continue to prepare for rehab for when the time arrives.
      Thank you.-Team Ray

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