Courageous Journey

In our fast-paced lives it’s often difficult to slow down and consider life from the perspective of another with far more troubles than our own.  Hard to believe that 3 years have gone by from when Ray was involved in a serious car accident that left him with a severe traumatic brain injury.  Life for Ray has forever been changed to a new path filled with many new struggles.  Perseverance would be a perfect way to describe Ray now and the progress he has made.

Adjustment to the limitations from his injury continue for Ray despite the multitude of medication and doctor visits.  Any task requiring use of fine motor skills such as tying shoes, shaving or combing hair can be a significant challenge for Ray given the persistence of his Holmes tremor.  While some recovery has been made over the years to ease the tremor it remains a major point of contention in regaining more control in his life.

The realization that more is needed to continue on a path of recovery is now apparent to Ray.  Through his own self-reflection and motivation to overcome his injury Ray has committed himself to participating in a brain injury treatment day program offered through Brooks Rehabilitation.  Coordination on starting the new recovery program are in the works with this possibly starting as early as next month.  Now that Ray has accepted more is needed to recover other than time and medication it is hopeful that more progress is yet to come.

For those that may not know Ray well, his determination to do more with his life becomes evident when interacting with him.  His drive to help others in whatever way that he can is still a major focus.  “Follow your dreams” is often a saying that Ray will use to others in helping to motivate in the pursuit of self happiness.  Even with being faced with major limitations, Ray offers encouragement to others giving us admiration for his efforts.

In the months ahead it will be important to keep Ray busy and focused on his continued recovery.  At times staying positive through all the struggles can be tough for him to accept.  We need to help remind Ray of his courage through the years in overcoming his injury when he is struggling.  He has come a long way on his new life journey and with help he will have a long ways yet to go.

Beach Stroll

Thank you,

Team Ray